2024 Porsche Cayenne vs. the Competition

Porsche Cayenne vs Competition Side-by-Side Comparison | Porsche Ann Arbor

Today’s modern performance SUVs offer far more than quick acceleration and sportscar-like handling. In order to meet the demands of the most discerning SUV buyers, these models are now infused with striking styling, spacious interiors, and luxurious amenities. As versatile as they are comfortable, this new brand of performance SUV is perfectly suited for drivers demanding utility in addition to raw performance.

Since its introduction, the Porsche Cayenne has revolutionized the performance SUV market and has spawned a series of imitators from other manufacturers looking to follow the model’s success. To help illustrate why the Cayenne remains the best choice in the segment, we’ve assembled this competitive comparison which puts the Cayenne up against two of its biggest rivals — the BMW X5 and Mercedes-Benz GLE SUV. Let’s take a closer look at how the Porsche Cayenne remains the benchmark for the modern luxury SUV.

Porsche Cayenne vs BMW X5

Porsche Cayenne BMW X5

2024 Porsche Cayenne


2024 BMW X5 xDrive40i

$79,200 MSRP $67,500
152 MPH ✓ Top Track Speed 130 MPH
7,700 lbs ✓ Towing Capacity 6,603 lbs
23.7 gallons ✓ Fuel Tank Capacity 21.9 gallons
All-Season ✓ Tire Type Run-Flat All-Season
19.8 feet ✓ Turning Radius 20.7 feet
Leather ✓ Seat Material Sensatec Leatherette
Standard ✓ Satellite Radio Optional

First up to challenge the Porsche Cayenne is the BMW X5. These familiar competitors have impressive power and athletic styling. Both SUVs are powered by turbocharged six-cylinder engines offering virtually identical performance numbers. However, if you take a look at the considerably higher top speed on the Cayenne you will see a car that has been built for real performance, not just getting to the grocery store a bit faster. Porsche builds all of its vehicles to be performance minded machines first.

Porsche Cayenne Interior

The Cayenne also delivers a turning radius which is nearly a foot shorter than the BMW X5, making it much more manageable to navigate congested parking lots or squeezing into a tight parking space. A larger fuel tank on the Cayenne lets you travel farther than the X5 on a single tank, making it the superior option for drivers that enjoy taking extended road trips.

Other key advantages for the Cayenne can be found inside the interior. For example, the Cayenne comes standard with genuine leather seating surfaces. In comparison, X5 owners will have to settle for Sensatec Leatherette seats which lack the supple feel of genuine leather. Height-adjustable front seat belts allow Cayenne drivers and front seat occupants to get comfortable, another feature which is not found on the BMW X5.

Standard satellite radio provides endless options for entertainment, news, and music. Finally, the Porsche Cayenne comes equipped with all-season tires which perform across the entire spectrum of weather conditions, Although the X5 has similar tires, they’re also run-flats which traditionally compromise road feel and handling performance in favor of convenience. Run-flat tires also tend to generate more road noise than traditional tires. Drivers looking to get the most out of their SUV should choose the Porsche Cayenne.

Porsche Cayenne vs Mercedes-Benz GLE

Porsche Cayenne Mercedes-Benz GLE

2024 Porsche Cayenne


2024 Mercedes-Benz GLE 350 4MATIC

$79,200 MSRP $62,650
348 ✓ Horsepower 255
368 lb-ft Torque 295 lb-ft
Leather ✓ Seat Material MB-Tex Leatherette
10 ✓ Number of Speakers 8
Standard ✓ Adaptive Suspension Not Available
4,678 lbs ✓ Curb Weight 4,916 lbs
1 Year / 10,000 Miles ✓ Complimentary Scheduled Maintenance Not Available

Porsche Cayenne Interior

Up next to face off against the Porsche Cayenne is the Mercedes-Benz GLE 350 SUV. The GLE 350 SUV is powered by a tiny 2.0-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine. In terms of performance, the Cayenne has a sizable 93 horsepower and 73 lb-ft of torque advantage over the Mercedes Benz. Its lower curb weight helps provide you with more engaging handling at all speeds. The Cayenne also comes standard with adaptive suspension, which gives the handling a further advantage.

Shifting our attention to the interior, the Cayenne continues to outperform the GLE 350. The MB-Tex Leatherette seating surfaces of the GLE may offer some added durability but they fall short in terms of comfort and support as compared to the genuine leather found inside the Cayenne. A greater number of speakers from the standard audio system helps create an improved listening experience for all occupants. Another reason to choose the Cayenne over the GLE is the fact that Porsche includes complimentary scheduled maintenance which covers your first visit. Mercedes-Benz does not offer complimentary scheduled maintenance.

Porsche Cayenne

Winner – Porsche Cayenne

Now that we’ve tallied the results, the winner of this matchup of performance SUVs is the Porsche Cayenne. Both of the competitors from BMW and Mercedes-Benz are unable to match the luxurious standard features, cutting-edge technology, performance engineering, and precision craftsmanship found on every Cayenne model.

When you’re ready to experience all that this inspired SUV has to offer, our team of Porsche Brand Ambassadors at Porsche Ann Arbor are ready to introduce you to the Porsche Cayenne. Whether it’s the Cayenne, Cayenne S, or Cayenne Turbo that has your interest, we’re standing by to help you select the model which perfectly suits your lifestyle and driving habits. Contact us today to learn more about the Porsche Cayenne and set up a test drive to experience this vehicle for yourself.