Porsche Lease Return Options

Porsche Lease Return Center in Ann Arbor, MI

Time goes by quickly while you’re enjoying twisting curves in a Porsche. When the time has come for your lease term to end, why should your Porsche experience come to a close? Porsche Ann Arbor has a variety of possibilities to help continue the unparalleled experience you’ve come to enjoy. We’re here to help the transition from your current lease into a brand new Porsche as straightforward as starting the engine.

Porsche lease-end options at Porsche Ann Arbor

Lease end options

  • Replace – Turn in your current model and receive a new Porsche in return.
  • Renew – Not ready to give up your current model? We can extend the current lease for up to an entire year or allow you to purchase additional miles.
  • Retain – Leasing doesn’t mean you have to give up your right to purchase. Should you choose to exercise it, we’ll provide all the necessary information and help arrange financing.
  • Return – We’ll assist with inspections and returns to make sure everything is wrapped up as quickly and conveniently as possible.

Porsche lease return Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to have my Porsche inspected before returning it?

  • Yes. This inspection provide an itemized list of all excess wear and damage. This information is useful when determining whether or not to complete the necessary repairs before the lease maturity date.

Do I have to return my Porsche to the original dealer?

  • No. Your vehicle can be returned to any authorized Porsche dealer.

How much will it cost me if I exceed the mileage limit?

  • The excess mileage charge is $0.30 per excess mile on all Porsche models. For more details, see your original lease agreement or contact Porsche Ann Arbor.

What do I need to bring when I return my Porsche?

  • Please bring your Porsche keys as well as all original equipment which came with the car and we will handle the rest. Also check to make sure all of your personal belongings have been removed as well.

Can I get a new Porsche and terminate my current lease early?

  • Yes. We often have programs available to make this possible. Our Lease End Advisors will be happy to provide you with current program details.

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