2025 Porsche Taycan vs. the Competition with Specs, Price, & Photos

Porsche Taycan Competitors - Comparison with an image of a blue Porsche Taycan

When it comes to electric vehicles, the luxury sedan EV segment is without question the most hotly contested. There are some truly impressive EVs out there now, and with EV sales picking up a lot in recent years, the question of which one reigns supreme is more relevant than ever. Porsche has a long history of building incredible sports cars, and if you’re looking for a luxury EV, the Porsche Taycan will have definitely caught your eye. But how does it measure up to the other offerings in this segment? Fortunately, Porsche Ann Arbor has made this handy comparison as a guide.

Porsche Taycan VS Tesla Model S

Porsche Taycan Tesla Model S
2025 Taycan VS 2024 Model S
$99,400 ✓ MSRP $74,990
RWD with optional AWD, 2-speed rear transmission with 1-speed front transmission ✓ Drivetrain Direct-drive AWD
3 ✓ Number of Body Style Configurations 1
320 kW ✓ Charging Rate 250 kW
18 minutes ✓ 10 to 80% charging time on DC fast charger 30 minutes
15 / 6 / 15 ✓ Number of Options for Paint / Wheels / Interior 5 / 2 / 3
Above Average ✓ Consumer Reports Brand Reliability Ranking Below Average
Optional ✓ Ceramic Brakes Not Available
Optional ✓ Rear Axle Steering Not available
Optional ✓ Heads-Up Display Not available
Optional ✓ Night Vision Assist Not available

The Tesla Model S was the first serious entry in this segment, so any newer vehicles have to be compared to it. From the outset, you can see that the two cars were built with different approaches. The Taycan uses a more sophisticated setup, with a two-speed automatic transmission for the rear wheels and a second transmission for the front, should you select all-wheel drive. The Model S is only available with direct-drive all-wheel drive. This is fine for commuting, but many enthusiasts prefer an RWD setup for its handling characteristics, and Porsche gives you that option. Speaking of options, Porsche gives you a choice of a sedan body or two others. The Cross Turismo is slightly higher, and approaching a crossover, though not quite a full crossover. Then there is the Sport Turismo, a shooting brake style. These both make loading and unloading cargo a lot easier than from the high hatchback of the Model S. Porsche also offers far more options when it comes to appearance, including the option for bespoke shades of paint, leather, and even stitching.

Porsche is at the forefront of charging technology, and the 320 kW maximum charging rate for the Taycan isn’t just superior to the Model S, it’s the highest of any EV on the market. That’s why you see such a disparity when it comes to DC fast charging times, with the Tesla taking nearly twice as long to hit the same percentage. Not only will you be able to charge faster with the Taycan, but you’ll be able to stop quicker as well, thanks to the available carbon ceramic brakes, something that isn’t available for the Model S. That’s assuming you can stop at all in the Model S, as Tesla consistently rates poorly for reliability by Consumer Reports.

Quite a lot of the equipment that you can get for the Taycan isn’t available at all on the Tesla. We’ve already mentioned the ceramic brakes, but there’s also four-wheel steering, a head-up display, and Night Vision Assist. The stereo that comes with the Tesla isn’t bad, but there’s no upgrade available, and audiophiles will find the Burmester system available for the Taycan to be superior. Lastly, the Taycan got a redesign for 2025, an evolution of a design that wasn’t even all that old. The Model S has carried on with no significant styling changes at all for 12 years now. There have been other changes to the car over the years, sure, but in the looks department, the Model S has become dated.

Porsche Taycan VS Mercedes-Benz EQS

Porsche Taycan Mercedes-EQ EQS
2025 Taycan VS 2023 EQS 450+
$99,400 ✓ MSRP $104,400
402 ✓ Horsepower 329
4.5 seconds ✓ 0-60 Time 5.9 seconds
RWD with optional AWD, 2-speed rear transmission with 1-speed front transmission ✓ Drivetrain RWD with optional AWD, direct drive
Standard ✓ Active Aerodynamics Not available
3 ✓ Number of Body Style Configurations 1
18 minutes ✓ 10 to 80% charging time on DC fast charger 29 minutes
Standard ✓ Heated Seats Optional
Optional ✓ Bespoke Color Options Not Available
Burmester 1,455 watts, 21 speakers ✓ Premium Stereo Burmester 710 watts, 15 speakers

The Mercedes-Benz EQS really makes more sense than the Tesla to compare to the Taycan. Both are built by more established carmakers which have conventional models that serve similar roles as the EVs. But there are certainly still differences, price being the first one you’re likely to notice. And that extra money certainly doesn’t buy you more power with the EQS, and that’s true of the top trims for each car too. The AMG version of the EQS comes with 649 horsepower, compared to 871 horsepower in the similarly-priced Taycan Turbo, or 1,019 horsepower Taycan Turbo GT, for which there is no comparable Mercedes model. Mercedes does give you the option of rear-wheel drive, but it’s still direct drive, a less sophisticated setup than the Taycan. Add the Taycan’s active aerodynamics to the equation, and it’s clear that you’ll find much more rewarding driving dynamics in the Porsche.

When it comes to living with an EV, DC fast charging times are important for those who would prefer to minimize their time sitting at a public charger, and in this area, the Taycan is clearly a much better option, with a charging time of just over half that of the EQS. The Taycan also has a few different body configuration options, so buyers who frequently load and unload a bike, for example, will have a much easier time with one of the bigger and lower hatch openings offered on the Taycan. You’ll also get a nicer stereo with the Porsche, and seemingly basic features like heated seats are options on the EQS, while being standard on the Taycan. Lastly, when it comes to customization, the Taycan has a clear advantage. More standard paint colors and wheel options are available on the Porsche, but it also has a huge advantage of offering bespoke color options for paint, leather, and stitching.

Porsche Taycan

Winner – Porsche Taycan

It’s rare that the same car will be the most fun to drive, the most practical, and the one that you can best tailor to your specific tastes all at the same time. But the Taycan is a Porsche, and this is the kind of thing Porsche does. As an all-around sports sedan EV, there is nothing on the market that quite measures up to the Taycan. But you’re going to want to experience this for yourself, and Porsche Ann Arbor is here to help you with that!

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