Porsche Transmission Service

Porsche Transmission Service
The transmission in your Porsche is an absolutely crucial component of the drivetrain. Whether manual or automatic, modern transmissions are incredibly sophisticated systems of gears, valves, and computer controls. Keeping this system properly maintained is important to making sure you get many years of reliable service from your Porsche. The Porsche Certified technicians at Porsche Ann Arbor are equipped to inspect, diagnose, or repair the transmission in your Porsche.

Common Signs and Symptoms of Transmission Problems

Automatic Transmission

Fluid Leak

If you notice drops or puddles under your vehicle, it could be the result of a bad transmission gasket or a damaged line. Your transmission needs to maintain a specific fluid level, and a loss of fluid could lead to much more serious damage if left unfixed.

Park to Drive Hesitation

This is when you experience a slight hesitation when shifting from Park into Drive. In more severe cases, you might also notice engine RPMs fluctuating, or stalling when you try to accelerate. This is an indicator that you need your transmission serviced.

Clutch Slip

This condition is specific to manual transmissions. It happens when the friction material on the clutch plate wears away. You’ll notice that the clutch is not properly engaging or disengaging. In addition to making it difficult to drive, this could result in much more serious damage to your transmission if left unaddressed.

Gear Slip

This refers specifically to automatic transmissions. It is when your transmission has difficulty changing gears while accelerating or slowing down, changes very slowly, or changes repeatedly under conditions that shouldn’t require so much shifting.

Transmission Fluid

Routine Transmission Fluid Changes

This is the most common type of transmission service, and is a normal part of maintaining your Porsche. Transmission fluid is absolutely vital to the proper function of the transmission, and routine changes ensure that the fluid doesn’t break down, or become clogged with dirt. A Porsche-trained technician will drain the fluid, replace the transmission fluid filter, and refill the transmission to the correct fluid level. This is an important way to prevent serious damage to your transmission.

Transmission Fluid Flush

Transmission Fluid Flush

This sounds similar to the routine fluid change but is more involved. For starters, the routine service can leave behind up to 30% of old fluid, in the torque converter and cooler. This is fine under normal circumstances, but it is sometimes necessary to flush all of the fluid and check it for diagnostic purposes. This requires special equipment, and a Porsche-trained technician to carry it out.

Transmission Fluid Drain

Transmission Reseal

Since maintaining the correct fluid level is so important to transmission function, it is imperative to address leaks as soon as possible, before they cause more serious damage. This is achieved with a transmission reseal. All external seals are upgraded, stopping leaks so that your transmission fluid stays at the right level.

Transmission Service

Transmission Replacement

Should the problem be too severe to repair, Porsche Ann Arbor is equipped to handle the complete transmission replacement. Using specialized tools and equipment, Porsche-Certified technicians will inspect, diagnose, and report back on the status of your transmission. Should it be required, a new transmission can be installed to get your Porsche back up and running.

Why Have Your Transmission Serviced at Porsche Ann Arbor?

A transmission is a highly specialized and sophisticated piece of equipment. You want the technicians working on it to be Porsche experts, people who know your Porsche inside and out. Our technicians have the knowledge, as well as the Genuine Porsche parts and equipment to ensure that your transmission is diagnosed and serviced correctly.