Where are Porsche Cars Made?

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Renowned all across the globe for the brand’s ability to produce some of the most coveted sports cars in the industry, Porsche has remained synonymous with high-performance exhilaration and impeccable craftsmanship for generations. While Germany will always be home to Porsche, today’s global manufacturing infrastructure means that some of the most popular Porsche models are assembled elsewhere without compromising the brand’s remarkably high standards for quality. Porsche Ann Arbor has created this informative guide that covers the most prominent Porsche assembly plants along with a list of where all of your favorite Porsche models are built. Let’s get started!

Porsche Manufacturing Locations & Model Assembly

Porsche Manufacturing Plant

Porsche Manufacturing Zuffenhausen

Zuffenhausen, Germany

Ferdinand Porsche, the founder of Porsche, moved the company to Zuffenhausen, a district of Stuttgart, Germany in 1931. Aside from a temporary move in 1944 due to the impact of World War II, Zuffenhausen has remained the home of Porsche. 718 Cayman, 718 Boxter, and the iconic 911 are assembled exclusively in Zuffenhausen. Additionally, this plant features a high-tech engine hub where the company manufactures its powertrains as well. The all-electric Taycan has also been assembled here since its debut in 2019.

Porsche Weissach Research & Development

Weissach, Germany

Located just West of Zuffenhausen, the Porsche Weissach Research & Development Center opened its doors in 1971. Now home to over 6,500 talented individuals, Weissach is where ideas and concepts transition from sketches to reality. Off-road circuits and test tracks are where vehicles are perfected and put through their paces following thousands of hours of development. Many consider the Weissach Research & Development Center to be the birthplace of many of the incredible innovations that eventually make their way to Porsche vehicles all across the world.

Porsche Leipzig Germany

Leipzig, Germany

Following rapid growth and expansion up through the 1990s, the time came for Porsche to expand into its second-ever production plant. After breaking ground in the plant in the year 2000, Porsche began production of the brand’s first-ever SUV – the Cayenne – just two years later. Fast-forward two decades to today, the Leipzig facility is fully powered by renewable energy sources. Currently, the Panamera and the Macan are produced at this state-of-the-art facility. Another unique attribute of Leipzig is its Customer Center which attracts over 400,000 visitors each year along with another 2,000 that take delivery of their new Porsche direct from the factory.

Porsche Slovakia Assembly

Bratislava, Slovakia

While Cayenne production initially began at Leipzig until 2017, production shifted to the Bratislava, Slovakia assembly plant. A historical milestone was reached in 2020 when the one-millionth Cayenne rolled off the production line at Bratislava. This cutting-edge assembly plant continues to build the Cayenne to meticulously high standards.

Porsche Shanghai China

Shanghai, China

As the global footprint of Porsche continues to grow, Shanghai, China has been home to a Porsche Engineering facility for more than two decades. This location boasts a technology and digital lab, responsible for pioneering the next generation of in-vehicle technology features. Located in the company’s largest market, this campus is a focal point for the future of the Porsche brand.

Porsche Malaysia


Strengthening its presence in the Southeast Asia market, Porsche has announced a local assembly location in Malaysia. Right-hand drive Porsche Cayenne models destined for the local Malaysian market will be assembled here. It’s yet another example of how Porsche has positioned itself to respond to the demands and challenges of each local market.