2022 Porsche Panamera vs. BMW 7 Series vs Mercedes-Benz S-Class

Porsche Panamera vs. BMW 7 Series vs Mercedes-Benz S-Class Comparison at Porsche Ann Arbor

Drivers looking to make a statement have traditionally turned to full-size luxury sedans for their renowned reputation for unparalleled refinement, sophistication, and elegant exterior styling. A result of their full-size platforms, these striking sedans offer spacious seating adorned with premium comfort and tech amenities to impress even the most discerning passengers.

When comparing models from various manufacturers, many prospective buyers face quite a dilemma thanks to a growing number of choices in this segment. In order to help simplify your decision, Porsche Ann Arbor has created this in-depth comparison guide in which the Porsche Panamera goes head-to-head against the BMW 7 Series and Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

Porsche Panamera vs BMW 7 Series

Porsche Panamera
BMW 7 Series
2022 Porsche Panamera VS 2022 BMW 740i
$92,400 MSRP $86,800
325 Horsepower 335
331 lb-ft Torque 330 lb-ft
19.5 feet ✓ Turning Radius 21 feet
4,222 pounds ✓ Curb Weight 4,244 pounds
19 inches ✓ Wheel Size 18 inches
Performance ✓ Tire Type Run-Flat All-Season
Power ✓ Rear Spoiler Not Available
60/40 ✓ Rear Seat Type Fixed, Pass-Through Only
47.3 cubic feet ✓ Maximum Cargo Capacity 18.2 cubic feet

The first competitor to challenge the Porsche Panamera is the BMW 7 Series. Although the BMW 740i begins this matchup with a slight price advantage over the Porsche Panamera, it starts to lose its appeal once you take a closer look at the performance figures of both sedans. Although torque figures are essentially identical, the Panamera has the advantage when it comes to horsepower.

Porsche Panamera Interior

While you might not expect it from a full-size executive sedan, the Porsche Panamera is engineered with legendary Porsche sports car DNA which helps you immediately sense a connection to the road. Other strengths of the Panamera include a 1.5-foot shorter turning radius along with a curb weight that’s 22 pounds lower than that of the BMW 740i. If you’re craving spirited handling and agile maneuverability — the Panamera is the obvious favorite.

Providing the Panamera with its imposing stance are standard 19-inch alloy wheels. Featuring more than good looks, these stylish wheels are wrapped in performance tires designed specifically to deliver exceptional grip and stability during high-speed cornering. Choosing the BMW 740i means that you’ll have to accept run-flat all-season tires which lack the response and feel of dedicated performance tires. Both distinctive and functional, a standard power rear spoiler on the Panamera will deploy at various angles depending on the speed of the vehicle.

The Porsche Panamera is perfect for carrying a combination of both passengers and gear on your way to your next weekend getaway. BMW shoppers will be disappointed to learn that the rear seat of the 740i is fixed in one position and only features a tiny pass-through slot for longer items. As a result, the Panamera gives you a maximum cargo capacity of 47.3 cubic feet compared to the minuscule 18.2 cubic feet found inside the 740i.

Porsche Panamera vs Mercedes-Benz S-Class

Porsche Panamera
Mercedes-Benz S-Class
2022 Porsche Panamera 4S VS 2022 Mercedes-Benz S 500 4MATIC
$110,900 ✓ MSRP $111,100
443 ✓ Horsepower 429
405 lb-ft ✓ Torque 384 lb-ft
19 inches ✓ Wheel Size 18 inches
Performance ✓ Tire Type Run-Flat All-Season
4,222 pounds ✓ Curb Weight 4,740 pounds
23.7 gallons ✓ Fuel Tank Capacity 21 gallons
Power ✓ Rear Spoiler Optional
60/40 Split Folding ✓ Rear Seat Type Fixed
47.3 cubic feet ✓ Maximum Cargo Capacity 13.8 cubic feet

The next challenger to go up against the Porsche Panamera is the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. For this matchup, we’ll compare equivalently equipped versions of the Panamera 4S and the S 500 4MATIC. Although each is powered by a twin-turbo V6 engine and both come equipped with an all-wheel drive system, a closer examination of the performance figures reveals a significant advantage for Porsche.

Driving a Panamera 4S means that you’ll receive 14 more horsepower and 21 lb-ft of additional torque as compared to the S 500 4MATIC. A larger fuel tank means you’ll have to stop less frequently for fuel on your next road trip behind the wheel of the Panamera 4S.

You’ll make a statement with the 19-inch alloy wheels found on the Panamera 4S which accentuate the chiseled character lines found in the body. These wheels also come with performance tires which have been engineered to provide drivers with superior response and gripping power during spirited driving. Conversely, the S-Class comes with run-flat all-season tires which have a tendency to dull road feel and compromise performance. A significant 518-pound weight advantage for the Panamera 4S also helps it deliver superlative handling through the corners.

At the rear, a standard power rear spoiler highlights the impressive performance capabilities of the Porsche Panamera 4S. In order to receive a similar feature on the S-Class you’ll be forced to shell out additional cash. If you frequently take extended weekend vacations, the S-Class falls short in terms of its cargo-carrying abilities. Not only does the S 500 offer a laughable 13.8 cubic feet of cargo capacity inside the trunk — the rear seat is also fixed in place and cannot be folded flat. The Panamera 4S features a 60/40 split folding rear seat which can be lowered to create a massive 47.3 cubic feet of cargo capacity.

Porsche Panamera Infotainment

Porsche Panamera 4S

Winner — Porsche Panamera

Now that the results have been tallied, it’s clear that the best choice in this luxury sedan comparison is the Porsche Panamera. In terms of performance, standard amenities, luxurious interior features, and style — the competition from BMW and Mercedes-Benz are simply no match for the Panamera. If you’re ready to experience all that the Panamera has to offer, our team of Porsche Brand Ambassadors at Porsche Ann Arbor is eager to help you select the model that’s best suited for your needs and lifestyle.

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